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Airgun World - May 2008


Definitely Defiant
Author: Phil Bulmer
Product: Defiant Pellets
. "This new pellet is quite an exciting prospect, It needs more testing but it's certainly ticking all the boxes so far."
Airgun World - August 2008 .
Once more into the breech
Product: Defiant Pellets
. " In terms of quality and consistency, the Defiant is pitched right up there with the best of modern pellets. If you're looking for a new pellet, you owe it to yourself to get hold of a sample pack".
Airgun Shooter - January 2013
Doing the 'Jive'
Author: Nigel Allen
Product: Ogive Pellets
"The 10-shot group that's been circled measures just 7mm centre to centre - which is astounding accuracy at 35 yards".
Airgun Shooter - May 2013
Defying the odds
Author: Phil Bullmer
Product: Defiant HFT
"It's power retention and slightly flatter trajectory make shooting over varying ranges just that little bit more forgiving and predictable."
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