The lightweight defiant is a high velocity, lubricated lead alloy pellet made to extremely high tolerances. It has been designed for both hunting and against field targets in air rifles that do not exceed 20 ft.lbs kinetic energy.

It is extremely difficult to predict how a particular pellet will perform in an airgun. This is because of the variables in barrel bores, breech faces, chokes if any, loading methods and kinetic energy. Even two airguns of the same make and model can give different results. The bolt / probe loading systems of some magazine fed airguns do not always align the pellet with the centre line of the bore, and with some spring wound rotary magazines better accuracy may be obtained if the pellets are loaded singly, because the grip on the pellet is unaltered from shot to shot. There are 3 head sizes in both .177 and .22 as shown above and it is recommended that prospective customers should test their rifle/s for accuracy using the test samples and then choose the appropriate head size.

There is only one head size for the FAC and OGIVE pellets shown below. The FAC pellets suit rifles from 12 ft.lbs to 50 ft.lbs kinetic energy and the OGIVE pellet up to 20 ft.lbs. We also produce true .22 pellets. Called the Vintage, they are designed for older British guns.

Read Nigel Allen's review of our Ogive pellet, taken from Airgun Shooter magazine HERE.

The new OGIVE and HFT pellets

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